The Backstory

Flag of ZionI have been seeing a flag for many years. It was so similar to the Flag of Israel that I knew what it was, but I didn't understand the significance.

I'm doing a rush job to get these pages filled and get the site up as soon as possible. So for now, here is the short version.

I was studying the tzeit tzeit's and Tallit [check spelling] or the garment that the Jews would wear.

It came down to this. The fringe was to represent the sheaves, bound together with wool died in blue to represent the heavens. The corners, however, is not what it was originally meant to be.

The four cornered garment represents the fields, and the borders (not just corners) that were set aside for the poor of the Lords people to glean. So when you stretched forth your arm, the fringes bound in blue would literally be like wings and remind you to have charity for his people.

The Israeli Flag was modeled after a prayer shawl or Tallit [check spelling].

So, consider the fact that you would be wearing a garment representing the harvest. The sheaves bound in blue on its borders set aside for the Lord. Now if you were to take a blue sash, and gird yourself around the waist with it . . . what would you be saying? That you had bound yourself as a sheaf and were set aside for the Lord.

The flag I have a graphic of, does not have white fringe tied together with blue wool (though it would be nice for an indoor flag). However, it is the white purity of the garment, the blue of Israel's people set aside as the Lord's lot . . . and if one were to take a red sash, and gird yourself with it around the waste, what would you be saying? That you have been made pure and white through the blood of the lamb. Zion, set aside as a sheaf ready to be gathered in by the hand of the Lord.

If you would like to have one of these made, here is a link to the custom graphic the company which made mine sent me. The company information is on the graphic. I'm sure that if you email this to the company, they would be willing to bypass the custom art fee. Right click on the link and choose save as : FLAG OF ZION