Heber C. Kimball:
   "To meet the difficulties that are coming, it will be necessary for you to have a knowledge of the truth of this work for yourselves. The difficulties will be of such a character that the man or woman who does not possess this personal knowledge or witness will fall. If you have not got the testimony, live right and call upon the Lord and cease not till you obtain it. If you do not you will not stand.
   Remember these sayings, for many of you will live to see them fulfilled. The time will come when no man nor woman will be able to endure on borrowed light. Each will have to be guided by the light within himself."
(Life of Heber C. Kimball, pp. 460-461)

That same God who gave the revelations to his servant Joseph Smith in regard to these matters, will fulfil every jot and every tittle that has been spoken, concerning that nation. What then will be the condition of that people, when this great and terrible war shall come? It will be very different from the war between the North and the South. Do you wish me to describe it? I will do so. It will be a war of neighborhood against neighborhood, city against city, town against town, county against county, state against state, and they will go forth destroying and being destroyed and manufacturing will, in a great measure, cease, for a time, among the American nation. Why? Because in these terrible wars, they will not be privileged to manufacture, there will be too much bloodshed--too much mobocracy--too much going forth in bands and destroying and pillaging the land to suffer people to pursue any local vocation with any degree of safety. What will become of millions of the farmers upon that land? They will leave their farms and they will remain uncultivated, and they will flee before the ravaging armies from place to place; and thus will they go forth burning and pillaging the whole country; and that great and powerful nation, now consisting of some forty millions of people, will be wasted away, unless they repent.
(Journal of Discourses : 20 : Orson Pratt 1879/04/09 : 146)

   Do you think there is calamity abroad now among the people? Not much. All we have yet heard and all we have experienced is scarcely a preface to the sermon that is going to be preached. When the testimony of the Elders ceases to be given, and the Lord says to them, "Come home; I will now preach my own sermons to the nations of the earth," all you now know can scarcely be called a preface to the sermon that will be preached with fire and sword, tempests, earthquakes, hail, rain, thunders and lightnings, and fearful destruction. What matters the destruction of a few railway cars? You will hear of magnificent cities, now idolized by the people, sinking in the earth, entombing the inhabitants. The sea will heave itself beyond its bounds, engulfing mighty cities. Famine will spread over the nations, and nation will rise up against nation, kingdom against kingdom, and states against states, in our own country and in foreign lands; and they will destroy each other, caring not for the blood and lives of their neighbors, of their families, or for their own lives. They will be like the Jaredites who preceded the Nephites upon this continent, and will destroy each other to the last man, through the anger that the Devil will place in their hearts, because they have rejected the words of life and are given over to Satan to do whatever he listeth to do with them. You may think that the little you hear of now is grievous; yet the faithful of God's people will see days that will cause them to close their eyes because of the sorrow that will come upon the wicked nations. The hearts of the faithful will be filled with pain and anguish for them.
(Journal of Discourses : 8 : Brigham Young 1860/07/15 : 121)

   There will be here and there a Stake [of Zion] for the gathering of the Saints. Some may have cried peace, but the Saints and the world will have little peace from henceforth. Let this not hinder us from going to the Stakes; for God has told us to flee, not dallying, or we shall be scattered, one here, and another there. There your children shall be blessed, and you in the midst of friends where you may be blessed. The Gospel net gathers of every kind.
    I prophesy, that that man who tarries after he has an opportunity of going, will be afflicted by the devil. Wars are at hand; we must not delay; but are not required to sacrifice. We ought to have the building up of Zion as our greatest object. When wars come, we shall have to flee to Zion. The cry is to make haste. The last revelation says, Ye shall not have time to have gone over the earth, until these things come. It will come as did the cholera, war, fires, and earthquakes; one pestilence after another, until the Ancient of Days comes, then judgment will be given to the Saints.
    Whatever you may hear about me or Kirtland, take no notice of it, for if it be a place of refuge, the devil will use his greatest efforts to trap the Saints. You must make yourselves acquainted with those men who like Daniel pray three times a day toward the House of the Lord. Look to the Presidency and receive instruction. Every man who is afraid, covetous, will be taken in a snare. The time is soon coming, when no man will have any peace but in Zion and her stakes.
    I saw men hunting the lives of their own sons, and brother murdering brother, women killing their own daughters, and daughters seeking the lives of their mothers. I saw armies arrayed against armies. I saw blood, desolation, fires. The Son of Man has said that the mother shall be against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother. These things are at our doors. They will follow the Saints of God from city to city. Satan will rage, and the spirit of the devil is now enraged. I know not how soon these things will take place; but with a view of them, shall I cry peace? No! I will lift up my voice and testify of them. How long you will have good crops, and the famine be kept off, I do not know; when the fig tree leaves, know then that the summer is nigh at hand.
(Documentary History of the Church Vol 3 : 26 : 391 : 2)

Joseph Smith:
    I prophesy in the name of the Lord God of Israel, unless the United States redress the wrongs committed upon the Saints in the state of Missouri and punish the crimes committed by her officers that in a few years the government will be utterly overthrown and wasted, and there will not be so much as a potsherd left, for their wickedness in permitting the murder of men, women and children, and the wholesale plunder and extermination of thousands of her citizens to go unpunished, thereby perpetrating a foul and corroding blot upon the fair fame of this great republic, the very thought of which would have caused the high-minded and patriotic framers of the Constitution of the United States to hide their faces with shame.
(Documentary History of the Church Vol 5 : 20 : 394 : 1)

Joseph Smith:
    The Mayor, Aldermen, and Councilors signed officially the Memorial to Congress for redress of losses and grievances in Missouri. While discussing the petition to Congress, I prophesied, by virtue of the holy Priesthood vested in me, and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, that, if Congress will not hear our petition and grant us protection, they shall be broken up as a government.
(Documentary History of the Church Vol 6 : 5 : 116 : 3)

Wilford Woodruff:
    And I will say, in the name of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, that "Mormonism" will live and prosper, Zion will flourish, and the Kingdom of God will stand in power and glory and dominion as Daniel saw it, when this nation is broken to pieces as a potter's vessel and laid in the dust, and brought to judgment, or God never spoke by my mouth.
(Wilford Woodruff, His Life And Labors : 47 : 508 - 509)

Wilford Woodruff:
    When I contemplate the condition of our nation, and see that wickedness and abominations are increasing, so much so that the whole heavens groan and weep over the abominations of this nation and the nations of the earth, I ask myself the question, can the American nation escape? The answer comes, No; its destruction, as well as the destruction of the world, is sure; just as sure as the Lord cut off and destroyed the two great and prosperous nations that once inhabited this continent of North and South America, because of their wickedness, so will he them destroy, and sooner or later they will reap the fruits of their own wicked acts, and be numbered among the past.
(JD. 21:301)

Heber C. Kimball:
   I am very thankful that so many of the brethren have come in with hand-carts; my soul rejoiced, my heart was filled and grew as big as a two-bushel basket. Two companies have come through safe and sound. Is this the end of it? No; there will be millions on millions that will come much in the same way, only they will not have hand carts, for they will take their bundles under their arms, and their children on their backs, and under their arms, and flee; and Zion's people will have to send out relief to them, for they will come when the judgments come on the nations. And you will find that judgments will be more sore upon this people, if they do not repent and lay aside their pride and their animosities, their quarreling and contentions, their disputations among themselves.
(Journal of Discourses : 4 : Heber C. Kimball 1856/09/28 : 105)

Heber C. Kimball:
"the time would come when the government would stop the Saints from holding meetings. When this was done the Lord would pour out His judgements"
(Life of Heber C. Kimball, by Orson F. Whitney, p. 442)

Joseph Smith:
    ...when the great bear [Russia] lays her paw on the lion [England] the winding up scene is not far distant.

LDS Prophecy : Elder Charles D. Evans, 1894:
   While I lay pondering in deep solitude on the events of the present, my mind was drawn into a reverie such as I had never felt before--a strong solitude of thought for my imperiled country utterly excluded every other thought, and raised my feelings to a point of intensity which I did not think possible to endure.
    While in this solemn profound and painful reverie of mind, to my surprise a light appeared in my room which seemed to be soft and silvery as if diffused from a northern star. At the moment of its appearance, the acute feeling I had experienced so intensely, yielded to one of calm and tranquillity.
    Although it may have been at the hour of midnight... all was light and bright and warm as an Italian landscape at noon, but the heat was softer and more subdued.
    As I gazed upward, I saw descending through my bedroom roof, with a gentile gliding movement, a personage clothed in white apparel, whose countenance was smoothly serene, his features regular, and the flashes of his eyes seemed to resemble those reflected from a diamond under an intensely illuminated light, which dazzled, but did not bewilder.
    Those large, deep, inscrutable eyes were presently fixed on mine as he instantly placed his hand on my forehead. His touch produced a serenity and calmness--not of an earthly character, but a touch that was peaceful, delightful and heavenly. My whole being was inbued with a joy unspeakable. All feelings of sorrow instantly vanished; and those lines and shadows which care and sorrow create, instantly vanished and were dispelled as a fog before the blazing sun.
    In the eyes of my heavenly visitor, for such he appeared to me, there was a sort of lofty pity and tenderness, infinitely stronger than any such feelings I ever saw manifested in ordinary mortals. His very calm appeared like a vast ocean stillness, at once overpowering to every agitated emotion.
    By some intuition or instinct, I felt he had something to communicate to me to soothe my sorrow or allay my apprehensions. Thereupon addressing me, he said:
    "Son, I perceive that thou hast grave anxieties over the perilous state of thy country, that thy soul has felt deep sorrow for its future. I have, therefore, come to thy relief and to tell thee of the causes that have led to this peril. Hear me attentively!
    "Seventy-one years ago, (1823), after an awful apostasy of centuries, in which all nations were enshrouded in spiritual darkness; when angels had withdrawn themselves, the voice of prophets hushed, and the light of Urim and Thummim shown not, and the visions of seers closed, while heaven itself shed not a ray of gladness to lighten a dark world; when Babel ruled, Satan laughed, and Church and priesthood had taken their upward flight, and the voice of nations possessing the books of the Jewish prophets had ruled against the doctrines of the Church of the Apostles and Prophets, thou knowest that then appeared a mighty angel with a solemn announcement of the hour of judgment. The burden of whose instructions pointed to dire calamities, which thou seest, and the end of the wicked hasteneth."
    My vision now became extended in a marvelous manner, and the import of past labors of Elders was made plain to me. I saw multitudes fleeing too our place of safety in our mountain heights, that was established in the wilderness. Simultaneously the nation had reached an unparalleled prosperity. Wealth abounded, new territory was acquired, commerce extended, finance strengthened, confidence was maintained, and people abroad pointed to here as a model nation--the ideal of the past now realized and perfected--the embodiment of the liberty which was sung by poets and sought for by sages.
    "But," continued the messenger, "thou beholdest a change. Confidence is lost, wealth is arrayed against labor, labor against wealth, yet the land abounds in plenty of food and raiment, and silver and gold in abundance. Thou seest also the letters written by a Jew have wrought a great confusion in the finance of the nation; which together with a policy of many wealthy ones, has produced distress and do produce further sorrows."
    Factions now sprang up as if by magic. Capital had entrenched itself against labor, and throughout the land labor was organized in opposition to Capital. The voice of the wise sought to tranquilize their powerful factors in vein. Exited multitudes ran wildly about, strikes increased, lawlessness sought a place in the regular government.
    At this juncture, I saw floating in air a banner whereupon was written, "Bankruptcy, famine, floods, cyclones, blood, and plagues." Mad with rage, men and women rushed upon each other. Blood flowed down the streets of cities like water. Thousands of bodies lay unentombed in the streets. Men and women fell dead from terror inspired by fear. This was but the precursor of the bloody work of the morrow. All around lay the mournfulness of a past in ruins. Monuments erected to perpetuate the names of the noble and brave men, were ruthlessly destroyed by combustibles.
    A voice now sounded these words: "Yet once again I shake not only the earth, but also heaven, and this word once again signifies the removing of things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things that cannot be shaken, may remain."
    Earthquakes rent the earth in vast chasms which engulfed multitudes. Terrible groanings and wailings filled the air. The shrieks of the suffering were undescribably awful. Waters rushed in from the tumultuous ocean, whose very roaring under the mad rage of fierce cyclones was unendurable to the ear. Cities were carried away in an instant. Missiles were hurled through the atmosphere at a terrible velocity, and people were carried upward only to fall. Islands appeared where ocean waves once tossed the gigantic steamer. In other parts, voluminous flames, emanating from vast fires, rolled with fearful velocity destroying life and property in their destructive course.
    The seal of the dread menace of despair was stamped on every human visage; men fell exhausted, appalled and trembling. Every element of agitated nature seemed a demon of wrathful fury. Dense clouds, blacker than midnight, obscured the sunlight with a thunder that reverberated with intonations which shook the earth, Darkness reigned, unrivaled and supreme.
    Again the light shone, revealing an atmosphere tinged with a leaden hue, which was the precursor of an unparalleled plague whose first symptoms were recognized by a purple spot which appeared on the cheek, or on the back of the hand, and which, invariably, enlarged until it spread over the entire surface of the body, producing certain death. Mothers at the sight of it, cast away their children as if they were poisonous reptiles. This plague, in grown persons, rotted the eyes in their sockets and consumed the tongue as would a powerful acid or an intense heat. Wicked men, suffering under its writhering agonies, cursed God and died, as they stood on their feet, and the birds of prey feasted on their carcasses.
    I saw in my dream the messenger again appear with a vial in his right hand, who addressing me said: "Thou knowest somewhat of the chemistry taught in the schools of human learning, behold now a chemistry sufficiently powerful to change the waters of the sea."
    He then poured out his vial upon the sea and it became putrid as the blood of a dead man, and every living thing died. Then other plagues followed which I forbear to record.
    A foreign power had invaded the nation which, from every human indication, it appeared as if it would seize the government and supplant it with monarchy.
    I stood trembling at the aspect, when a power arose in the west which declared itself in favor of the constitution in its original form; to this suddenly rising power every lover of constitutional rights and liberties throughout the nation gave hearty support. The struggle was fiercely contested, but the stars and stripes floated in the breeze, and, bidding defiance to all opposition, waved proudly over the land.
    Among the many banners I saw, was one inscribed thus: "The government based on the Constitution, now and forever;" on another "Liberty of Conscience, social, religious, and political."
    The light of the gospel which had but dimly shone because of abomination, now burst forth with a luster that filled the earth. Cities appeared in every direction, one of which was in the center of the continent.
    It was an embodiment of architectural science after the pattern of eternal perfections, whose towers glittered with a radiance emanating from the sparkling of emeralds, rubies, diamonds and other precious stones set forth a brilliancy which dazzled and enchanted the eye, excited admiration and developed a taste for the beautiful, beyond anything man had ever conceived.
    Fountains of crystal water shot upwards through transparent jets, which, in the brilliant sunshine, formed ten thousand rainbow tints at once so delightful to the eye. Gardens, the perfection of whose arrangement confound all our present attempts at such genius, were bedecked with flowers to develop and refine the taste and strengthen man's love for these--nature's choicest endowments.
    Schools and universities were erected to which all had access, in the latter, Urims were placed for the study of the past, present, and future, and for obtaining a knowledge of heavenly bodies and of the construction of worlds and universes. The inherent properties of matter, its arrangements, laws, and mutual relation, were revealed and taught and made plain as the primer lesson of a child.
    The conflicting theories of geologists regarding the foundation and age of the earth, were settled forever. All learning was based on eternal certainty. Angels brought forth the treasures of knowledge which had lain in the midst of the dumb and distant past hidden from the world.
    The appliances for making learning easy surpass all conjecture. Chemistry was rendered extremely simple by the power which Urim conferred on man of looking into the very elements themselves. a stone furnished no more obstruction to human vision than the air itself. Not only were the elements and all their changes and transformations plainly understood, but the construction, operation and laws of spirit elements were also rendered equally plain as those which govern the coarser elements.
    While looking through the Urim and Thummim, I was amazed at a transformation, which even now is for me marvelous beyond description, clearly showing the manner in which particles composing the inorganic kingdom of nature, are conducted upward to become part of organic forms. Another astonishing revelation was a view clearly shown to me of the entire circulation of the blood, both in men and animals.
    After seeing these things and gazing once more upon the beautiful city, the following sounded in my ears: "Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God hath shined!"
    On this I awoke to find it all a dream, whereupon I wrote the foregoing, which is based on true principles.
(taken from VISIONS OF THE LATTER-DAYS, originally published in volume 15 of the THE CONTRIBUTOR magazine)

Wilford Woodruff:
    I went to bed at the usual hour, half past nine o'clock. I had been reading the Revelations in the French language. My mind was calm, more so than usual if that were possible. I composed myself for sleep, but I felt a strange stupor come over me and I apparently become partially unconscious. Still I was not asleep or awake, but had a strange far-away dreamy feeling.
    The first thing I recognized was that I was in the Tabernacle at Ogden, Utah, sitting in the corner for fear they would call on me to preach;-which, after singing the second song, they did by calling me to the stand. I arose to speak and said that I did not know that I had anything special to say except to bear my testimony of the truth of this work-when all at once it seemed I was lifted out of myself. I said, "Yes, I have something to say, it is this: Some of my brethren present have been asking me what is coming to pass. I will tell you what will shortly come to pass-"
    Then I was in Salt Lake City walking through the streets. In parts of the city and upon the door of every house, I saw a badge of mourning, and I could not find a house but what was in mourning. I passed my own home and saw the same sign there. I asked the question, "Is that me who is dead?"
    Something gave the answer, "No."
    It seemed strange to me that I saw no person on the streets in my wandering around the city. They seemed to be in their houses with their sick and dead. I saw no funeral processions of anything of this kind, but the city was very still and quiet as if the people were praying. It seemed as though the people had control over the disease, whatever if was, I do not know, that was not shown to me.
    I then looked in all directions over the territory,--east, west, north and south, and found the same mourning in every place throughout the land.
    The next I knew I was this side of Omaha. It seemed I was above the earth looking down upon it as I passed along on my way east. I saw the roads full of people, principally women, with just what they could carry in bundles on their backs, traveling to the mountains on foot. And I wondered how they would get there with nothing but a small pack on their backs. It was remarkable to me that there were so few men among them. It did not seem as though trains were running; the rails looked rusty and the roads abandoned. In deed, I have no conception of how I traveled myself as I looked down upon the people.
    I continued east through Omaha and Council Bluffs, which were full of disease, and women were everywhere. The streets of Missouri and Illinois were in turmoil and strife. Men were killing one another, and women joined in the fighting. Family against family were cutting each other to pieces in the most horrible manner imaginable.
    Next I saw Washington, D.C., and found the city a desolation. The White House was empty and the Halls of Congress likewise. Everything was in ruin and the people seem to have fled from the city and left it to take care of itself.
I was next in the city of Baltimore, in the square where the monument of 1812 stands in front of the St. Charles and other hotels. The dead were everywhere. I saw there bodies piled up, filling the square. I saw women cut the throats of their own children for the sake of their blood. I saw them suck it from their veins to quench their own thirst, and then lie down in the streets and die.
    The waters of the city and the Chesapeake Bay were so stagnant, and such a stench arose from them on account of the putrefaction of the dead carcasses in them, that the very smell carried death with it.
    Singularly again, I saw no men, except they were dead or dying in the streets. There were but very few women, and they were crazy and mad, or in a dying condition. Everywhere I went I saw the same all over the city. It was horrible beyond conception to behold.
    I thought this was the end; but not so. Seemingly in an instant I was in Philadelphia where everything was still. No living soul was to be seen to greet me. It seemed as though the whole city was without inhabitants. In Arch and Chestnut streets, in fact, everywhere I looked the putrefaction of the dead bodies created such a stench that it was impossible for any creature to remain alive.
    I next found myself on Broadway in New York. There it seemed as if the people had done all they could to overcome the disease. But in wondering down Broadway, I saw the bodies of beautiful women lying, some dead, and others in a dying condition, on the sidewalks. I saw men crawl out of the basements and violate the persons of some that were alive, then kill them and rob their dead bodies of the valuables they had on them. Then, before they could return to their basements, they themselves rolled over a time or two in agony and died.
    On some of the streets I saw mothers kill their own offspring and eat their flesh, and then in a few minutes die themselves. And wherever I looked, I saw the same sights, --horror and desolation, rapine and death. No horses, no carriages, nor omnibuses, nor streetcars, --nothing but death and destruction everywhere.
    I then went to Central Park, and looking back, I saw a fire start, and just at that moment a mighty east wind sprang up and carried the flames west over the great city. And it burned until there was not a single building left standing whole; even down to the water's edge.--Warves and shipping--all seemed to be burned and swallowed up in the common destruction. Nothing was left but desolation where a great city stood a short time before. Stench from the bodies that were burned was so great that it was carried a great distance across the Hudson River, and it spread disease and death wherever the fumes penetrated.
    I cannot paint in words the horrors that seemed to encompass me about, it was beyond description or thought for me to conceive.
    I supposed this was the end, but I was given to understand that the same horrors that were here inacted were all over the world, east, west, north, and south.--That few were left alive,--still there were some.
    Immediately after, I seemed to be standing on the left bank of the Missouri River, opposite the city of Independence;--but I saw no city. I saw the whole states of Illinois and Missouri and part of Iowa, a complete wilderness of dessert with no living human being there.
    I then saw a short distance from the river, twelve men draped in the robes of the Temple, standing in a square, or nearly so. I understood it to represent the twelve gates of the New Jerusalem. And they with uplifted hands, were consecrating the ground and laying the cornerstone of the Temple.
    And while they were thus employed, I saw myriads of angels hovering over them and around them. And I heard the angels singing the most heavenly music. The words were: "Now is established the Kingdom of God and His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever! And the Kingdom shall never be thrown down, for the Saints have overcome!"
    I saw people coming from the river and from distant places to help build the Temple and the City. It seemed as though there were hosts of angles helping to bring material for the construction of that building. Some were in Temple robes, and the pillar-like cloud continued to hover over the spot.
    Later, I found myself in the Ogden Tabernacle, where I was calling upon the people to listen to the beautiful strains of music from the angles, as the building seemed to be filled with them, and they were singing the words I heard before: "Now is the Kingdom of our God and His Christ established forever and ever!"
    I rolled over on my bed and the clock struck twelve. The vision had occurred between 9:30 P.M. and midnight.
(This account was taken from Prophetic warnings to modern America, pp. 294-96. Crowther notes that while this account was extracted from Wilford Woodruff's personal journals, "various copies, or 'versions,' of this manifestation now exist." I should also note that I have previously seen this vision attributed to John Taylor, stating that Wilford Woodruff recorded it in his journal, but that the vision was given to President Taylor.)

Joseph Smith:
   The United States will spend her strength and means warring in foreign lands until other nations will say, "let's divide up the lands of the United States," then the people of the U.S. will unite and swear by the blood of their forefathers, that the land shall not be divided. Then the country will go to war, and they will fight until one half of the U.S. army will give up, and the rest will continue to struggle. They will keep on until they are very ragged and discouraged, and almost ready to give up--when the boys from the mountains will rush forth in time to save the American Army from defeat and ruin. And they will say, "Brethren, we are glad you have come; give us men, henceforth, who can talk with God." Then you will have friends, but you will save the country when it's liberty hangs by a hair, as it were.
(Life Story of Mosiah Lyman Hancock, p.29)

   A prophetic incident occurred at my father's home in Cedar City, Utah, at the time a conference was being held their, at which President John Taylor and George A. Smith were present. Elder George A. Smith was asked to conduct the morning session of the conference, as president Taylor wished to rest, as he had held meetings with the different wards and stakes between Salt Lake City and Cedar City. President Taylor did not attend the morning session of the conference, but remained at our home to rest in order that he might attend the afternoon session. He, with all of the authorities, stayed at my father's home during this conference.
   President Taylor wished to go to his room and lie down and rest, and asked my mother to tell him if he should over sleep by the time the morning session was over. My mother was busy preparing dinner for the visitors and was surprised when President Taylor came walking into the kitchen. She asked him if he was not able to rest, as he hadn't been gone long; whereupon he related a vision that he it had in his room.
   He saw Salt Lake City become a great and beautiful City with cement streets and roads and the people had become wealthy great beautiful homes covered the city, and he said that the city was extended almost to the point of the mountain (south of the now, 1951, state prison). The people had become indifferent to the council and advice of the authorities of the Church, and were more interested in the accumulating of wealth than they were in living their religion, and at this time there began to be war and bloodshed.
   He saw blood running down the gutters of Salt Lake City as though it were water. People were fighting among themselves until it became so serious that the entire Church records were all taken across the Colorado River. President Taylor said her: "if you are alive at that time, be sure that you are not far behind the records, because after the Church records leave and our secure, the very powers of hell will be turned loose and there will be such destruction that but very little life will remain.
   Not only Salt Lake but other adjoining cities will be destroyed, and in the East, in Missouri, in Jackson County, civilization will become entirely extinct. All means of transportation, such as railroads and highways, will be destroyed; the only means of travel will be on foot, and all manufacturing of all kinds will be entirely destroyed. Be sure when you see these things come, see that you have buttons, needles and things to work with in order to make yourself clothing, thread and cloth as far as possible because all tools and every kind of machinery will be destroyed. It will become such a destructive war that the sufferings and drivings of the people from Nauvoo will only be as a drop in the bucket as compared with the suffering that will take place at this time, until one-half of the people will not follow the leaders and one-half of the others will die and turn because of the sufferings they will have to go through; but the Lord will bless those who stay with the authorities, and they shall not all be destroyed.
   They will travel south and will finally form a circle something like a horseshoe before they return to Jackson County, Missouri. Those who will be privileged to help build Jackson County will be those who are willing and glad to obey the council and advice of the authorities placed over them, and they will not only be willing to listen to their council and advice, but will ask that they might receive it in order to be guided and protected out of this great time of want and distress. The Saints will be taxed so heavily that they will cry to the Lord day and night for deliverance.
   He said also that we would be few in numbers and would assist the Lamanites in building the New Jerusalem in Jackson County. The vision was so terrible that he asked Lord to close it, but he saw that those who would keep the commandments and adhere to the authorities of the church would survive and he would protect them as He did the children of Israel.
   After telling of this vision, he said to my mother, "Sister Lunt, see that you always listened and obey the council of the authorities and stay with them."
   The above experience my mother told me many, many times and she held this experience sacred.
 (From the Lundwall Rare Manuscript File, Microfilm Roll No. 2 -- Visions of the Latter Days, pp. 99 -- 102)

   The present times seem to be more than usually prolific of prophetic dreams among the Latter-day Saints. In nearly every settlement the people have been warned of events soon to occur; and visions of the future glory of the Kingdom of God upon this earth have passed like a panorama before many of those who love God and obey His commandments.
   Some two or three years ago, I had retired for the night, when suddenly a glorious messenger appeared at my bedside and awoke me from my slumber. The light of his presence filled the room, so that objects were discerned as clearly as at noonday.
   He handed me a book, saying, "Look, and see what is coming to pass." I took the book in my hands and, sitting up in bed, examined it carefully and read its contents. In size this book was about seven by ten inches, opening like a copybook and bound in beautiful covers, on the front of which was stamped in bold letters its title, which was The Book of the Plagues. The leaves were printed only on the front side of each, and were composed of the very finest quality of pure white lined, instead of paper. The typography throughout was in the finest style of the printer's art. Each page was composed of a picture printed in colors as natural as art can copy nature, which occupied the upper half of the space, below which was the printed description of the scene represented.
   On the first page was a picture of a feast in progress, with the long table set upon a beautiful lawn, over which were interspersed clumps of fine shrubs and towering trees. In the background through the foliage, could be discerned a stately suburban villa, adorned with all the ornaments of modern architecture. The landscape presented the appearance of midsummer. The sky, and indeed the whole atmosphere, appeared of a peculiar sickly brassy hue, similar to that which may be observed when the sun is wholly eclipsed, and the disc is just beginning again to give its light. Throughout the atmosphere small white specs were represented, similar to a scattering fall of minute snow flakes in winter. About the table a party of richly dressed ladies and gentlemen were seated in the act of partaking of the rich repast with which the table was laden. The minute specs falling from above were dropping into the food apparently undeeded by all, for a sudden destruction had come upon them. Many were falling backward in the agonies of a fearful death; others drooping upon the table, and others pausing with their hands still holding the untasted food, their countenances betraying a fearful astonishment at the peculiar and unlooked for condition of their companions. Death was in the atmosphere; the judgments of God had come upon them as silently and swiftly as upon the proud Sennacharib and his host of Assyrians.
   In one corner of this picture was a small circular vignette, showing the front of the store of a dealer in pork. The wide sidewalk was covered by and awning supported on posts at the outer edge, and on this walk were shown barrels of pork, long strings of sausages, fresh slaughtered hogs, piles of smoked bacon and headcheese; and along the edge of the walk, next to the store, beneath the front windows, leaned a number of large hams and pieces of side meat, reaching across the whole front, except a small space at the doorway. There were twelve of these pieces, and on each piece was painted a large letter, in order to make as a whole the word abominations.
   Below this scene was the description: "A Feast among the Gentiles, commencement of the Plague." And in smaller type below, a note saying that the particles of poison, though represented in the picture, are so small as to be invisible to the naked eye.
   On the next page was another picture. It was a street scene in a large city. In the foreground were the residences of wealthy city merchants. The character of the buildings gradually changed; along the view and in the distance were shown the great buildings of trade and commerce in the heart of a large metropolis. On the sidewalks throughout the long vista, the busy, throbbing, rushing crowd had been cut down like grass before the mower.
   Again it was a midsummer scene. The same atoms of poison were falling through the air, but their work was done; the same sickly brazen atmosphere that seemed thick with foul odors laid upon the earth, in which no breeze stirred a leaf of the foliage. Upon the balconies of the richly decorated residences, across the thresholds of the opened doorways, along the walks and upon the crossings, lay the men, women and children, who a few days before were enjoying all the pleasures of life. Further on, the dead were everywhere. Houses of business that had been thronged with customers stood with open doorways, frowning upon streets covered with the dead. Across the threshold of the banks lay the guardians of wealth, but no thieves were there to take the unlocked treasures within. The costly merchandise of a thousand owners laid untouched upon the counters and shelves. In the noonday glare of the sickly sun, not a soul was shown alive; not one had been left to bury the dead--all had been stricken or had fled from the death-dealing plague and the doomed city. Along midway upon the street, a hungry drove of those horrible ugly slaughterhouse hogs, (which may be seen in the pens attached to the filthy slaughtering places in the outskirts of many cities), was tearing and devouring the dead and feasting upon the bodies of rich and poor alike with none to molest them.
   Below this picture was the description: "Progress of the Plague among the Gentiles. A street scene in a large city." Nearly fifty of these pictures I carefully observed, wherein the fearful effects of this and other plagues were almost as vividly portrayed as if I had actually seen them.
   The last scene in the book was descriptive of the same plague as the first. A beautiful park-like, grassy prairie was surrounded by elm and cottonwood trees, the area embraced being about eighty rods across. In the centre of this enclosure was a large cone-shaped tent of a bright purple color, about thirty feet in height by twenty in diameter at the base. Midway in height in this tent was a floor dividing the inside into two stories. Near this tent was another, a round wall tent, about thirty feet in diameter, and nearly as high as the first. This was clean and white. Leaving a space of about a hundred yards from these central tents were hundreds of small rectangular wall tents in rows, reaching as far as the surrounding trees, each tent clean and white, and appearing to be of a size suited to the wants of an ordinary family. Not a human being, animal, bird or vehicle was in sight. Not a breath of air appeared to be stirring. The same atmosphere as in the previous pictures, with the atoms of poison, was represented, and the same time and season of the year.
   Below this picture was the description: "A camp of the Saints who have gathered together and are living under the daily revelations of God, and are thus preserved from the plague." I understood from this that each family was in its tent during the hours of the day that the poison falls, and thus were preserved from breathing the deathly particles.
   Handing the book to the messenger, who all this time had remained by my side, he vanished from my view as suddenly as he had appeared. I awoke my wife, who was soundly sleeping, and commenced to relate to her what I had just beheld. After telling her the description of the two pictures at the beginning of the book, and commencing on the third, this third picture and all up to the last was suddenly taken from my memory, so that I have never been able to recall them; but still I remember that they were scenes about the plagues and judgments.
   In the revelations given to the Prophet Joseph, among the many plagues and judgments portrayed, that given in the Doctrine and Covenants, Sec. 29:17-20, has always seemed to me to fully coincide with what has been related in the account of that dream. But whether that plague or another is meant, it does not matter. Plagues will come and the wicked must suffer; but the Saints will be preserved by the very principle for which the wicked persecute them, which is present revelation from the Almighty.
(Contributor 5:411)

VISION OF S. M. FARNSWORTH - Nauvoo, 1844:
   I was engaged in working on the temple (at Nauvoo), and had gone home to dinner, and after dinner I started back to work, it then being about one o'clock. The day was a beautiful, clear and pleasant one, when suddenly the heavens became overcast and assumed the appearance of a drizzly day, like unto the approach of an equinoctial storm. The Saints looked very much downcast and over come with sorrow. The Twelve Apostles were counseling the Saints to prepare for a great journey to the west. The people were running to and fro in the streets of Nauvoo, preparing wagons, outfits, etc., for this journey. Many hundreds started, and their wagons extended to the west as far as the eye could reach. This journey appeared to be a great undertaking, but was accomplished much easier than was expected. I saw the Saints after they had arrived at the end of their journey, and they began to prosper and were cheerful again.
   Suddenly, a dark cloud appeared in the east and was driven to the west like a great tornado, that seemed as if it would destroy everything before it. It halted when it came to the mountains and one of the brethren remarked, "It is going to break away." And as we looked at it, it broke up and began to scatter and go around the mountains. Then the sky began to grow dark and misty and haze over from the four points of the compass, gathering up like the approach of a big storm, which continued until everything was enveloped in extreme darkness; and it continued to grow blacker and blacker, until it appeared to me that all our enemies were against us; the elements were against us; God and His Prophet had forsaken us, and there was no ray of hope, or light, to give us comfort, but it seemed as though we would all be utterly destroyed.
   All at once, President Brigham Young unexpectedly came into the midst of the Saints, and said, "Brethren, stand still, and see the salvation of God", and tried to comfort and cheer the Saints, but his words had no effect on the people. He then turned around in haste, and had the Church in a body encircled by three strong bands, (I saw no women or children in this circle) which he commenced driving with a Masonic mallet, followed by the twelve Apostles. Each tap of the mallet drew the hoops tighter and tighter. This was the first time that I noticed the absence of Brothers Joseph and Hyrum, and I felt much troubled and weighed down in consequence of their absence. Brother Brigham and the Twelve continued driving the hoops, their countenances being very resolute and determined, showing no signs of mercy.
   I thought to myself, the brethren could not stand it, when suddenly, the hoops burst asunder, and about two-thirds of the men scattered and ran away. I looked up and saw an opening in the clouds above, and also the heads of four or five heavenly personages above the clouds, looking down through their aperture upon us. I cast my eyes around and saw Brother Brigham smiling, and then knew that our troubles were over.
   Those heavenly personages came down in the midst of those who remained, and blessed them with all that their hearts could desire and life was a pleasure. When the clouds burst asunder, they turned with a ten-fold vengeance upon the heads of our enemies, and I noticed that those of our brethren that ran away, were of that class that were complaining, rebellious and had not lived up to their privileges. I felt in my heart, that the Lord ought not to put us to such a severe trial, when one of the angels came to me and said that "it was actually necessary to bring the Church through as close a place as that, in order to sift out those that were among you that were unworthy of the blessings you now enjoy." I also saw that Brother Brigham had a large table spread with all the luxuries of life, and as starvation seemed to stare us in the face, I thought this trial was a good scarecrow, as no person was hurt, being only frightened enough to make them run away. Language cannot describe how happy and contented we all were; being of one heart and one mind, we enjoyed every blessing we desired. Soon Brother Brigham jumped up and clapped his hands and cried out, "Now boys, for Jackson County," and we were all on the move in a short time.
   The next scene I remember, I was within a short distance of Jackson County, arm in arm with one of the brethren walking directly south, being on the west side of the street or road. We saw an old mobocrat walking toward us, looking the very picture of despair. When he got opposite us, he raised his head and as our eyes caught his, he screeched aloud, withered and passed away, as a thing of naught. The vision closed, and I found myself standing in the street where I was when it commenced.
(From Visions of the Latter Days, Pioneer Press)

   I retired to rest about 9 o'clock in the evening. In a short time I drowsed off to sleep, and it seemed as if the spirit of my dead wife was hovering around about me.
   Suddenly I awoke, and sleep departed from me, and the the vision of my mind was opened, and I beheld the members of the Senate of the United States. And while in session they were hurled from the hall by an unseen power. They rallied again, and the second time they were thrown from the hall. They rallied the third time and were again thrown from the hall with such violence that a great number of them were killed. All those that remained alive had the name of "EDMUNDS" printed on their foreheads.
   Next I saw a whirlwind commence in the center of the House of Representatives which increased until it frightened all the members out of the house, and they then scattered to various parts of the United States; and the inhabitants of the city of Washington, D.C., became frightened and scattered until they became almost desolate.
   Then I saw a great tumult commence over the United States, which ended in a great deal of blood being shed. And a great many of the people who had heard our Elders preach, and had believed what they heard, but had not the courage to embrace the Gospel when they heard it, gathered what little effects they could take with them, and came to this people in the Rocky Mountains.
   Then I saw many thousands of women and children take refuge in the timber, hazel rough, or in any place they could conceal them selves from the turmoil that was going on in the States. And when the word reached this people of their situation, there were hundreds of Seventies called upon to go in hunt them up and bring them to his people in Utah.
   Then the Government of the United States patched up their difficulties, and elected a new Congress, which assembled to do business. The crusade continued against the Latter-day Saints.
   Our enemies attributed all their troubles to the Saints, and crusaders raised such a howl and sent forth their petitions to Congress, that the first business they did was to order one hundred thousand of the best and most able-bodied men that could be obtained, to come against us.
   When this became known to the Saints, instructions were sent forth for all the inhabitants of this territory to gather into the valleys, as near as possible to the Temples. And the people gathered into Salt Lake, Cache, Utah and Sand Pete Valleys, and to St. George, until there was a family to nearly every acre of land, and all the country around was filled with our people. And water broke forth, where before there had been no water, so that all the land could be cultivated.
   I saw, also, that all the old men who had honored their Priesthood, became spry and young again.
   I also saw that the greater number of those who had gone into polygamy for the principal thereof, had to go to prison; while those who had embraced it for lust, escaped, as the officers appeared to care nothing for them.
   I saw no preparation of any warlike demonstration in the midst of the Saints, but all appeared to have the spirit of peace and contentment. And when the soldiers came near our borders, the United States officers and all the Gentiles were seized with fearfulness and left in haste by night and day, until they all got outside of the borders of this people and united with the soldiers.
   Then the Army surrounded this people on every side, and there was no possible way of escape. They then raised their standard and sent forth a proclamation to all who wished to save their lives to come to them for protection. And about one-third of our men and as many women as they could persuade to follow them, went over to the Army and joined it.
   Then I saw the preparations commence for the entire distruction of the Saints. It consisted in their gathering together all the combustible (explosive) material they could obtain, and making a complete wall around this people. It looked to me to be some 50 feet high, and from six to ten rods wide on the bottom.
   During the time of their gathering this combustible material, our people were laboring in the Temples, endowing men with the FULLNESS of the blessings of the Priesthood, for their protection.
   And when the Army had fired their combustibles, these men, endowed with the FULLNESS of the Holy Priesthood, walked along, like sentinels at their posts, and way into their hands, and the flames, smoke and ashes that were intended for the destruction of the Saints, turned upon our enemies. And whenn this combustible matter was consumed, and the fire and smoke had cleared away, lo and behold, the enemies of this people were not to be found.
   During all this time, our people were laboring in the Temples day and night, endowing the Elders of Israel with the FULLNESS of the blessings of the Holy Priesthood, until they got the number of fifty thousand endowed. During this time the Temple in Salt Lake City had been completed, and in one of the rooms situated in one of the Towers, Jesus and Joseph, with their council, were sitting. Then preparations were made for the fifty thousand to go down to the Center Stake of Zion, with Jesus and Joseph at their head, riding in their chariots of fire. They seemed to be somewhere about six to ten rods above the earth.
   While all these scenes had been transpiring, the remnants or Lamanites of the land had gathered in from all quarters east of the Rocky Mountains, and some had come from South America. When our brethren past down to the Center Stake of Zion, the remnants went forth and redeemed that the land of Zion.
   When my attention was drawn back again to the Mountains, I saw that the young men and middle aged men had been called away upon different missions; the old men and old women and children had to do all the farm work; and all those who were laboring to build up the City of Zion in Jackson County, had to be sustained from these valleys, with the exception of the remnants of the house of Jacob. The Buffalo and other game had returned upon the planes to feed them until they could be taught the art of agriculture.
   The earth in the valleys was sanctified and cleansed so that it brought forth in its strength, and instead of bringing from 15 to 40 bushels of grain to the acre, it brought forth from 100 to 200 bushels. The water broke forth in the parched ground, and all these valleys were filled with the Saints of the Most High, who had gathered in from the nations of the earth, to be schooled the in the Temples that are now built and that will yet be built, to prepare them to go forth to the Center State of Zion.
   I saw all this pass before the eyes of my understanding; and when it had past once, it was repeated again, which occupied about the whole of the night. I turned over and tried to sleep, but sleep had fled from me, and soon it was daylight. I was not asleep, but was awake the whole time, and I rose, filled with the glory of what I had seen, resting upon me.
 (A vision seemed by Newman Bulkley, veteran of the Mormon Battalion, on Jan. 8,1886, in Springdale, Utah. -- Visions of the Latter Days, pp. 109 -- 113)

The Cardston Temple Vision
    I saw first a brief but comprehensive sketch of the present state of the world, or as you would term it, the Gentile Kingdoms. Each country in turn was shown -- -- it's ambitions, hunger, ambitions, distrusts and warlike activities, etc., and in my mind was formed from some source the words, " As it is today with the Gentiles."
   I saw international war again the break out whith its center upon the Pacific Ocean, but sweeping and encircling the whole globe .
    I saw that the opposing the forces were roughly divided by so-called Christianity on the one side, and by the so-called followers of Muhammad and Buddha on the other. I saw that the great driving power whithin these so-called Christian nations, was the great Apostasy of Rome in all its political, social and religious aspects. I saw the worldwide dislocation and devastation of production and slaughter of people occur more swiftly and upon a larger scale then ever before. I saw an antagonism begin to express itself from those so-called Christian nations against your people. I saw those with a similar faith to yours in the far east began to look toward Palestine for safety.
    I saw the international world war automatically break down, and national revolution occurred in every country, and complete the work of chaos and desolation. I saw geological disturbances occur, which helped in this work as if it were intended to do so. I saw the Cardston Temple preserved from all of this geological upheaval. I saw the international boundary line disappear as these two governments broke up and dissolved into chaos. I saw race rioting upon the American continent on a vast scale.
    I saw hunger and starvation in this world; I saw disease produced by hunger, strife and chaos complete the end of this present order or epic. How long these events were in reaching this consummation I do not know, but my impression was from the outbreak of the international war these things developed into a continuous procession, and and almost ran concurrently, as it is with a sickness, the various symptoms are all in evidence at one and the same time, but in different stages of development.
    My intensified thought was "What of the Church, if such is to become of the kingdoms of the earth?" Was immediately answered by a subconscious statement. "As it is in the church today," and I saw these higher spiritual beings throughout the length and breadth of the air, marshalling their spiritual forces, and concentrating them upon the high officials of your church upon earth.
    I saw the spiritual forces working upon these officers, impressing and moving them, influencing and warning them. I saw the spiritual forces begin to unfold these things into minds of your Elders and other high officials, especially during their spiritual devotions and official duties, and those activities which exalt the mind of the individual or groups. I saw the impressions take hold and inspire the more receptive and spiritual men, until it was all clearly revealed to them in the way the spiritual patriarch desired.
    Again I seemed to hear the words, "As it will be". I saw the high officials in council, and under inspired guidance issue instructions to your people to reconsecrate their lives and energies to their faith, to voluntarily disciplined themselves, by abstaining from all those forms of indulgence which weaken the body, sap the mentality and deaden the spirit or waste the income.
    I saw further on, instructions given whereby places of refuge were prepared quietly but efficiently by inspired Elders. I saw Cardston and the surrounding foothills, especially North and West, for miles, being prepared as a refuge for your people quietly but quickly.
    I saw Elders still under divine guidance, counseling and encouraging the planting of every available acre of soil in the district, so that large supplies would be near the refuge. I saw the church property under cultivation of an intensified character, not for sale or profit, but for the use of the people. I saw artesian wells and other wells dug all over that territory so that when the open waters were polluted and poisoned that the people of the church and their cattle should be provided for.
    I saw the fuel resources of the district develop in many places and vast piles of coal and timber stored for future use and building. I saw the territory carefully surveyed and mapped out, for the camping of a great body of the people of the church. I saw provisions also made for a big influx of people who will not at first belong to the church, but who will gather in their tribulation. I saw vast quantities a surgical appliances, medicines, disinfectants, etc., stored in the Temple basement. I saw inspiration given the Elders whereby the quantity, quality and kind of things to be stored were judged, which might not be attainable in this territory in time of chaos. I saw defensive preparations working out the organizations of the camps on maps. I saw the mining corridors used as places of storage underground; I saw the hills surveyed and corrals built in sequestered places for cattle, sheep, etc., quietly and quickly. I saw the plans for the organization of the single men and their duties, the scouts, the guards, the nurses, the cooks, the messengers, the children, the herders, the Temple guards, etc.. I saw these things going on practically unknown to the Gentile world, except the Great Apostasy, whose knowledge and hatred is far-reaching, in this day of its temporary power. This was going on piece by piece as the Elders were instructed so to do.
    I saw the other officials obeying the inspired instructions, carrying their message and exhorting the people to carry out, from time to time to revelation given them, whilst all around throughout the Gentile world the chaos developed in its varying stages, faction against faction, nation against nation, but all in open or secret hostility to your people and their faith. I saw your people draw closer and closer together, as this became more tense and as the spiritual forces warned them through the mouth of your Elders and your other officers. I saw the spiritual forces influencing those members who had drifted away, to re-enter the fold. I saw a greater tithing than ever before. I saw vast quantities of necessaries supplied by members whose spiritual eyes had been opened. I saw a liquidation of properties and effects disposed of quietly but quickly by members of the church, as the spiritual influences directed them.
    I saw the inspired call sent forth to all the church, to gather to the refuges of Zion. I saw the stream of your people quietly moving in the direction of their refuge. I saw your people moving more quickly and in larger numbers until all the stragglers were housed. I saw the wireless message flashed from Zion's refuge to Zion's refuge in their several places that all was well with them, and then the darkness of chaos closed around the boundaries of your people, and the last days of tribulation had begun."
(Sols Caurdisto -- Visions of the Latter Days pages 73 -- 78)

George Washington:
    I do not know whether it is owing to the anxiety of my mind, or what, but this afternoon as I was sitting at this very table engaged in preparing a dispatch, something in the apartment seemed to disturb me. Looking up, I beheld standing opposite to me a singularly beautiful female. So astonished was I, for I had given strict orders not to be disturbed, that it was some moments before I found language to inquire the cause of her presence. A second, a third and even a fourth time, did I repeat my question but received no answer from my mysterious visitor except a slight raising of the eyes. By this time I felt strange sensations spreading through me. I would have risen, but the riveted gaze of the being before me rendered volition impossible. I essayed once more to address her, but my tongue had become powerless. Even though itself suddenly became paralyzed. A new influence, mysterious, potent, irresistible, took possession of me. "All I could do was to gaze steadily, vacantly, at my unknown visitant. Gradually the surrounding atmosphere seemed as though becoming filled with sensations, and grew luminous. Everything about me seemed to rarefy, the mysterious visitor herself becoming more airy, and yet more distinct to my sight than before. I now began to feel as one dying, or rather to experience the sensations which I have sometimes imagined accompany dissolution. I did not think, I did not reason, I did not move, all were alike impossible. I was only conscious of gazing fixedly, vacantly at my companion.
    Presently, I heard a voice saying, 'Son of the Republic, look and learn.' While at the same time my visitor extended her arm eastwardly.
    At this the dark, shadowy angel placed a trumpet to his mouth and blew three distinct blasts; and taking water from the ocean, he sprinkled it upon Europe, Asia and Africa. Then my eyes beheld a fearful scene; From each of these countries arose thick, black clouds that were soon joined into one. And throughout this mass there gleamed a dark red light by which I saw hordes of armed men, who moved with the cloud, marching by land and sailing by sea to America, which country was enveloped in the volume of the cloud. And I dimly saw these vast armies devastate the whole country and burn the villages, towns and cites that I had beheld springing up. As my ears listened to the thundering of the cannon, clashing of swords and shouts and cries of millions in mortal combat.....
    The scene instantly began to fade and dissolve and I at last saw nothing but the rising, curling vapor I at first beheld. This also disappearing, I found myself once more gazing upon my mysterious visitor, who, in the same voice I had heard before said, 'Son of the Republic, what you have seen is thus interpreted: Three great perils will come upon the Republic. The most fearful is the third, passing which the whole world united shall not prevail against her. Let every child of the republic learn to live for his God, his land and union. With these words the vision vanished, and I started from seat and felt that I had seen a vision wherein had been shown me the birth, progress and destiny of the United States."
( from "George Washington's Vision" of the destiny of the United States, while in Valley Forge, 1777, as recorded from the account of Anthony Sherman, who claimed receiving the account from General Washington just after the vision)

Joseph Smith : The White Horse Prophecy
     "On or about the sixth day of May. 1843, a grand review of the Nauvoo Legion was held in Nauvoo. (Illinois) The Prophet Joseph complimented them for their good discipline and evolutions performed. The weather being hot, he called for a glass of water. With the glass of water in his hand he said, "I drink to you a toast to the overthrow of the mobocrats."

The next morning a man who had heard the Prophet give the toast returned to visit the Mansion of the Prophet. And so abused him with bad language. That the man was ordered out by the Prophet. It was while the two were out that my attention was attracted to them and hearing the man speaking in a loud tone of voice. I went toward them; the man finally leaving. There were present the Prophet Joseph Smith. Theodore Turley and myself. The Prophet began talking to us of the mobbings and drivings and persecutions we as a people have endured. But, said he, "We will have worse things to see; our persecutors will have all the mobbings they want. Don't wish them any harm. For when you see their sufferings you will shed bitter tears for them."

While this conversation was going on we stood by his south wicket gate in a triangle. Turning to me he said: "I want to tell you something. I will speak a parable like unto John the Revelator. You will go to the Rocky Mountains. And you will be a great and mighty people, established there, which I will call the ‘White Horse of Peace and Safety.’ When the Prophet said you will see it, I asked him, "Where will you be at that time?" He said, "I shall never go there. Your enemies will continue to follow you with persecutions and will make obnoxious laws against you in Congress to destroy the White Horse, but you will have a friend or two ‘to defend you’ to throw out the worst part of the laws, so they will not hurt much. You must continue to petition Congress all the time, they will treat you like strangers and aliens, and they will not give you your rights but will govern you with strangers and commissioners; you will see the Constitution of the United States almost destroyed; it will hang by a thread, as it were, as fine as the finest silk fiber."

At this point the Prophet's countenance became sad; he said, "I love the constitution. It was made by the inspiration of God. And it will be preserved and saved by the efforts of the White Horse and the Red Horse. Who will combine in its defense. The White Horse will raise an ensign on the tops of the mountains of peace and safety. The White Horse will find the mountains full of minerals and they will become very rich. You will see silver piled up in the streets "You will see gold shoveled up like sand. Gold will be of little value even in a mercantile capacity, for the people of the world will have something else to do in seeking for salvation "The time will come when the banks in every nation will fail and only two places will be safe where people can deposit their gold and treasures. These places will be the White Horse and England's vaults."

"A terrible revolution will take place in the land of America, such as has never been seen before; for the land will be literally left without a supreme government. And every species of wickedness will run rampant. Father will be against son, and son against father, mother against daughter, and daughter against mother. The most terrible scenes of murder and bloodshed and rapine that have ever been looked upon will take place.

"Peace will be taken from the earth and there will be no peace only in the Rocky Mountains. This will cause many hundreds and thousands of the honest in heart to gather there; not because they would be saints but for safety and because they would not take up the sword against their neighbor. "You will be so numerous that you will be in danger of famine, but not for the want of seed time and harvest, but because of so many to be fed. Many will come with bundles under their arms to escape the calamities, and there will be no escape except by fleeing to Zion. (A few million Mormons will try to return to Utah.)

"Those that come to you will try to keep the laws and be one with you, for they will see your unity and the greatness of your organization. The Turkish Empire or the Crescent will be one of the first powers that will be disrupted, for freedom must be given for the gospel to he preached in the Holy Land.

"The Lord took of the best blood of the nations and planted them on the small islands now called England and Great Britain, and gave them great power in the nations for a thousand years and their power will continue with them, that they may keep the balance of power and keep Russia from usurping her power over all the world. England and France are now (1843) bitter enemies, but they will be allied together and be united to keep Russia from conquering the world.

"The two Popes, Greek and Catholic, will come together and be united. The Protestant religions do not know how much they are indebted to Henry the VIII for throwing off the Pope's Bull and establishing the Protestant faith. He was the only monarch who could do so at the time, and he did it because this nation, England, was at his back to sustain him. One of the peculiar features in England is the established red coat, a uniform making so remarkable a mark to shoot at, and yet they have conquered wherever they have gone. The reason for this will be known by them some day. The Lion and the Unicorn of Israel is their ensign, the wisdom and statesmanship of England comes from having so much of the blood of Israel in the nation.

"While the terrible revolution of which I have spoken has been going on, England will be neutral until it becomes so inhuman that she will interfere to stop the shedding of blood. England and France will unite together to make peace, not to subdue the nations; they will find the nations so broken up and so many claiming government, till there will be no responsible government. Then it will appear to the other nations or powers as though England had taken possession of the country. The Black Horse will flee to the invaders and will join with them, for they will have fear of becoming slaves again. Knowing England did not believe in slavery, fleeing to them they believe would make them safe. Armed with British bayonets, the doings of the "Black" Horse will he terrible."

Here the Prophet said he could not bear to look longer upon the scene as shown him in vision and asked the Lord to close the scene.

Continuing, he said. "During this time the great White Horse will have gathered strength sending out Elders to gather the honest in heart among the Pale Horse, or people of the United States, to stand by the Constitution of the United States, as it was given by inspiration of God.

"In these days God will set up a kingdom never to he thrown down, for other kingdoms to come unto. And these kingdoms that will not let the Gospel be preached will be humbled until they will.

"England, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Holland, and Belgium, have a considerable amount of the blood of Israel among their people WHICH must be gathered.

Then nations will submit to the Kingdom of God. England will be the last of these kingdoms to surrender, but when she does, she will do it as a whole in comparison as she threw off the Catholic power. The nobility know that the gospel is true but it has not enough pomp and grandeur and influence for them to embrace it. They are proud and will not acknowledge the Kingdom of God, or come unto it, until they see the power which it will have. Peace and safety in the Rocky Mountains will be protected by a cordon band of the White Horse and the Red Horse.

"The coming of the Messiah among this people will be so natural, that "only" those who see Him will know that He has come, but He will come and give His laws unto Zion, and minister unto His people. This will not be His coming in the clouds of heaven to take vengeance on the wicked of the world.

"The Temple in Jackson County will be built in this generation. The saints will think there will not be time to build it. but with all the help you will receive you can put up a great temple quickly. They will have all the gold, silver, and precious stones; for these things only will be used for the beautifying of the temple; all the skilled mechanics you want, and the Ten Tribes of Israel will help you build it. When you see this land bound with iron you may look toward Jackson County."

At this point he made a pause, and looking up as though the vision was still in view, he said." There is a land beyond the Rocky Mountains that will be invaded by the heathen Chinese unless great care and protection are given." Speaking of the heathen nations he said, "Where there is no law there is no condemnation, and this will apply to them. Power will be given the White Horse to rebuke nations afar off, and they will be one with the White Horse, but when the law goes forth they will obey; for the law will go forth from Zion. The last great struggle Zion will have to contend with will be when the whole of the Americas will be made the Zion of our God. Those opposing will be called Gog and Magog, some of the nations of the world led by the Russian czar and their power will be great, but all opposition will be overcome and then this land will be the Zion of our God. "

Written out by Edwin Rushton and Theodore Turley a couple weeks after hearing it . . . That being said, it may not be a word for word recounting, but if we disregard it in whole, we may be throwing the baby out with the bath water. All prophecy without a "thus saith the Lord" may be subject to the receiver's own symbols and understanding . . . so read them in the spirit in which they were given.